Bay Bridge:
New Possibility

Sana Shetty
Melissa Benggawan
Camila Alzate

Fifth year BARCH studio
Instructor: Bosuk Hur

To understand how the city functions and how people interact with the spaces around them, we began to break down the history of the city and our site,the Bay Bridge. From this study, we came to a conclusion that the Bay Bridge, while not a tourist spot currently, holds an important role in connecting people to their work life. The bridge hold the sole purpose of transportation and connectivity.” “… The pace of change will continue to accelerate and presently technology has become predominant. The majority of the job industry would revolved around technology. Cities would no longer be dominated by vehicle traffic and the internet of things will power smart buildings in smart cities. Business models will change and thus bring change into universities and innovators. This will bring in-products and services that we have never seen or imagine before. Much of the world around us has been formed around key pieces of infrastructure. Most see this as a testament to who we are as a society and part of the cultural moorings we need to guide us into the future. In general, infrastructure represents a long term societal investment that moves us along the path of building a better functioning society. Infrastructure comes in many forms and we currently very focused on the now-and-here, with very little thought to whether there is a better way. Virtually, every piece of infrastructure creates revenue streams, jobs, and investment, education, and much more.