Blooming Suburbia

Ruoxi Chen
Tuyen Le
Haiyang Qian
Wenyuan Zhang

Fourth year BARCH studio
Instructor: Sharon Whol

Blooming Suburbia is a mix of residential, civic, education, retail, and service uses that underpin a holistic community. The integration of employment opportunities with diverse residential offerings will foster a new model of development that is less car-dependent and more sustainable. It responds to the new aspirations of living in a place that can make a positive impact on the economy, the environments, and human lives. This experimental plan represents a more vivid approach to traditional suburban development. It celebrates the complexity of the mixed-use facilities and how different economic factors can support each other to create a closed-loop environment for collaborations and innovations. The entanglement of traditional agriculture, light industries, and suburban living results in the reconnection of such traditional lifestyles to diverse economical trades and exchanges.