Stevie Flores
YanJiu Bai

Fourth year BARCH studio
Instructor: Shelby Doyle


Imagine, in the near future, people, robotics, and the environment interact, communicate, observe each other becoming a part of daily life.

To meet this kind of future, the reflection of education is unavoidable. How to explore a new pedagogy and using architectural perspective to consider and respond are interesting questions.

The proposal is using architecture to transfer new pedagogy to offer a new education platform. The pedagogy tries to create an interactive curriculum and experience of the environment to build the connection between people and robotics. Specifically, use the curriculum as the backbone to create the learning environment through architectural programming. For the experience of the environment, using flowing space and soft boundaries encourages interaction, communication, and observation, so people gradually learn and impact from the environment.

On the other hand, the design process of the project is the initial exploration and response of the new pedagogy. Using a hybrid process of drawing and digital media experience and feel the communication, interaction, and observation of the workflow.