The Lighthouse

Annie Sigmon
Cody Goedken

Third year BARCH studio
Instructor: Rob Whitehead


The Lighthouse utilizes architecture as an active participant in enhancing the restorative process of the user by emphasizing natural elements and employing biophilic design. The Lighthouse is a wellness center with coliving suites and retreat units that resides on Roosevelt Island. While recognizing the history of the island, the design of the Lighthouse is intended to have a positive impact on the user’s wellbeing.The organization of the building is crucial to allow direct daylighting into all the units for circadian lighting. The throughways of The Lighthouse allows natural ventilation in the suites and wellness areas. The layout also maximizes scenic views to Manhattan from Roosevelt Island. The Lighthouse is not the typical lighthouse that emits light but rather allows it to protrude into the space and utilizes it as the key factor in enhancing the restorative process of the user as it serves as a refuge from the density of New York City.